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These may include reading about the operation and talking to others with knee or.Today, patients with painful knee disorders have many non-surgical treatment options at their disposal.The doctor will typically decide which type of fixation to use based on numerous factors including age, activity level, bone quality and other associated medical conditions.

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Chronic knee inflammation and swelling that does not improve with rest or medications.In addition, your orthopaedic surgeon will explain the potential risks and complications.

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This piece is designed to mimic the curve of the natural bone.

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When fewer than three of these areas need to be replaced, it is called a unicompartmental or partial knee replacement.

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There are no absolute age or weight restrictions for total knee replacement surgery.

Should I have both knees replaced at one time, or separately.If your job is not physically demanding, you may be able to return to work after about a month.

Knee replacement surgery involves replacing an injured or diseased joint with an implant to relieve pain and improve movement.See your orthopaedic surgeon periodically for a routine follow-up examination and.Total knee replacement surgery resurfaces the bones at the top of the shin (tibia) and the bottom of the thigh (femur) with an implant made of metal and plastic parts.Advances in total knee replacement technology in the past several years have enhanced the design and fit of knee implants. If you already have knee problems,.Infection may occur in the wound or deep around the prosthesis.Some surgeons do not resurface the patella, depending upon the case.This information is provided as an educational service and is not intended.

Describes other surgeries and treatment options used to decrease osteoarthritis pain.You should use a cane, crutches, a walker, hand rails, or have someone.Guides through decision to have knee replacement surgery for osteoarthritis.Knee replacement can help you return to a life of freedom and movement.With appropriate activity modification, knee replacements can last for many years.Increasing redness, tenderness, or swelling of the knee wound.

Patient Story: Posttraumatic Arthritis and Total Knee Replacement.

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This is a disease in which the synovial membrane that surrounds the joint becomes.At first, the surgeon shapes the bone to prepare for this new covering.Knee replacement, in general, is a very successful operation.ASTM STP 1445. Gsell, R. et al. American Society for Testing and Materials, West Conshohocken, PA.