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All these were fixed and the classroom is now fitted with necessary modern features to assist the pupils.Bayer Global: Bayer US: BayerNet: Conditions of Use Privacy Statement Transparency in Supply Chains Imprint Select a brand for more information.Youth Empowerment: We understand that the success of any society is deeply rooted in youth empowerment, and that the future of such is determined by the role the young people play today.The uneven floor was a challenge for children who have difficulties in walking on their own.Most parents for the lower primary school pupils will also support the children and will look forward to be part of the project, hence reducing the dropout rate.

Bayer CropScience Clover Coca-Cola SA Kellogg Company South Africa DSM Nutritional Products Mars Africa Monsanto SA Nampak Ltd Nestle (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.At the same time, Bayer aims to create value through innovation, growth and high earning power.Rabbits are efficient in space utilization hence ideal for any environment, they are light feeders and thus cheap to maintain.

Innovation Bayer is an innovation company with a more than 150-year history.This also comes with micronutrients to give the germinating seedling a quick healthy start.To promote hygiene and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, we have constructed clean water points at the main entrance and exit of the Kenyatta National Hospital.

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Baba Dogo Primary School is one of the biggest public primary schools in Nairobi and the only public school in the Ruaraka Industrial Zone in Nairobi, 2 kms from the Bayer Offices.Trained farmers will have better prospects of growing and selling significant crop yields and will benefit from economic growth.About Bayer Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture.It aims to research, develop, manufacture and market innovative products that improve the health of people throughout the world.We are a market leader with solutions in all the major crops in the region including flowers, cereals (wheat, barley), maize, fruits, industrial crops (coffee, sugarcane) and vegetables with innovative solutions comprising of modern fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, Hybrid seeds and services (Seed treatment, agronomic advice).Oficina 101 Cuba Playa, La Habana Cuba phone:(537) 204 1383 fax:(537) 272 4552.So far, more than 200 women from West Pokot and Kajiado counties have been treated and their social pride restored.Nestle Purina. Australia. ALDI. The voice of independent, third party endorsement. trusted third party voice on CPG products.

They are pastoralist community in semi-permanent settlement of several families pasturing their stock together.Bayer supports access to high-quality vegetable seeds for smallholder farmers in Ethiopia.

The Divison is a significant business unit and oversees business operations in more than 10 countries is east and middle Africa.The Animal Health Business Unit (EA) works closely with the Crop Science Division to provide complete solutions to farmers.Bayer East Africa launched a Rabbit Keeping CSR project at Inkisanjani Primary School in Oloitoktok Sub County in Kajiado County on 24th November 2015.Address: 1 Horn St, Chloorkop, Gauteng, 1619, South Africa, Kempton Park.Many girls are taken through female genital mutilation (FGM) and married off very young to very old men.Address: 7 Derrick Rd, Spartan, Gauteng, 1619, South Africa, Kempton Park.

The IEC materials detailed the causes and prevention of cholera and were distributed to major hospitals in the country for free.Bayer Global Pharma AG. you will be redirected to local information about multiple sclerosis and BETAFERON.Products With our distinctive knowledge of people, animals and plants, we focus on the areas of health care and nutrition.Media This area provides news, videos and publications, as well as overviews of social media channels and mobile apps of the Bayer Group.By using a modern seed treatment equipment and seed treatment product, BCS is aiming at helping farmers maximize the performance potential of the seeds and traits they plant right from the start.Parents will support their children and allow them to go to school because of the benefits from the project - the initial secondary school fees for their pupils.

Seed treatment is an integral component of seed technology that involves the application of biological, physical and chemical agents and techniques to seeds so as to provide protection to the seeds and germinating seedlings and improve the establishment of healthy crops.South Africa This page is available in the following languages:.

For a very long time the classroom remained in a dilapidated state without the necessary features to assist the disabled children in their learning activities.Diseases and pests affecting crops can have devastating consequences in agricultural and horticultural production if not properly managed.The sink in the classroom was continuously leaking, causing a constant wet floor.The Competition Commission of South Africa announced the stipulation earlier.

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Bantex South Africa delivers a top quality, affordable range of office, educational and home products.The project aims to address the plight of the Maasai child and ultimately empowering the Maasai community in Inkisanjani Village.