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First, you should know that your liver uses vitamin K to make blood clotting proteins.

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Warfarin and vitamin k rich foods, coumadin diet espanol, coumadin warfarin diet information, pt inr values on coumadin, coumadin levels tester, patient information.Beverages SERVING SIZE VIT K CONTENT. while it is important not to eat too much Vitamin K when taking coumadin,.

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Patients taking Coumadin should avoid. before adding any vitamin-K rich foods to.

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Below is a listing of some common foods and vitamin K content per specified portion.For example, if you typically have a spinach salad daily, do not stop eating it.

Vitamin K is a really important part of our diets,. consider eating more of the 10 following foods that are high in vitamin K.Rather than avoiding vitamin K, you should maintain a consistent intake of vitamin K by maintaining a consistent diet.Learn about taking Coumadin and your diet. To help you track what you eat and the amount of vitamin K in your foods, we have some tools you can use.

The bottom line is that if your diet is extremely low in vitamin K, then any changes to your vitamin K intake represent large fluctuations in your vitamin K intake, which may translate to large fluctuations in your INR.Coumadin dosing aafp, coumadin diet list of foods to avoid, interaction between coumadin and alcohol, coumadin diet patient teaching.

Foods that are high in vitamin K can affect the way warfarin works in your body.You can also click here for information on the vitamin K content of foods available on the NutritionData website.

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Why would a diet low in vitamin K make my INR more difficult to manage.Medication interactions with vitamin-K rich foods: Anticoagulants.

For example, if you reduce the amount of vitamin K in your diet, your INR will increase.Click here to learn more about the Coalition to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis and DVT Awareness Month, which is held each March.In other words, from week to week, you should eat the same types of foods.For answers to other frequently asked questions about warfarin therapy, go to our FAQs About Warfarin (Coumadin) section.

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Citrix also said it would start a search for an independent board member, mutually agreeable to Citrix and Elliott. warfarin sodium and alcohol side effects.So warfarin and vitamin K work against each other in your body.